Arcadia – Time Line of history from 1931 – 1960

1932 – Arcadia Community Hall was built in 1932 and was known as the Arcadia School of Arts. It was officially opened on the 22nd July 1933. In 1981 the then trustees transferred the building and grounds to Hornsby Shire Council. At that time the building became the Arcadia Community Centre. Renovations and addition of the verandah were planned and jointly funded by Hornsby Council and the Arcadia Community Centre management committee.

1936 – Mr James Baird was Headmaster from December 1936 till December 1953, 37 pupils during the World War II period and served in this position for 17 years. Many social functions were held at the school including Empire Day bonfires, ANZAC day services, Christmas tree and carol nights along with many fundraising concerts.

1936 – Berrilee Public School was established in 1936 by the Berrilee Progress association.  Before 1936, classes were conducted at the home of Lionel Clark at the Junction of Charlton’s Creek Road and the main road at their house called ‘Sandown’. Lionel Clark wrote to the Department of Education asking for the school to be established. The school was subsequently built in January 1939 and operated as a provisional School. It became a public school in 1957.

1938 – Electricity was connected to Arcadia Public School

1939 – 1945 Second World War – Circa. 1940

Group portrait of a first aid class of the 2/1st Battalion in Palestine. Identified, far right in the second row, is NX2489 Private Henry Douglas (Doug) Mitchell, of Arcadia, NSW, who sent the original photograph as a post card to Kathleen Douglas during the Second World War.

Source:  Australian War Memorial Website

The photo is in the public domain & the copyright expired.

1939-1945 Second World War

Labuan, North Borneo. C.1945. Sauntering to the cookhouse for a cup of ever-welcome tea, ground personnel of No. 1 (Mosquito) Squadron RAAF have a brief respite from the exhausting job of converting Labuan swamps into one of the best camps on the island. Left to Right: NX172772 Private S.R. Miosge, Wagga Wagga, NSW (Digger with the RAAF); 65474 Corporal G.J. O’Connor, Neutral Bay, NSW; 161457 LAC W.T. Berg, Goulburn, NSW; 20735 Sergeant P. Douglas, St Leonards, NSW; 66273 LAC G. Aspin, Auburn, NSW; 32732 Sergeant H. Wynn, Centennial Park, NSW; 16127 LAC L.R. McNeill, Kingsford, NSW; 163045 LAC R. MOULDS, Arcadia, NSW.


The photo is in the public domain & the copyright expired.

1941 – The ‘Outer Sydney Bush Fire Brigade’ formed after 19 homes and many orchards where destroyed in 1939

1952 – The Arcadia-Berrilee Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, established in 1952, is located in Arcadia Park.

1953 – The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was celebrated with a public holiday on 2nd June 1953. Pride in the Queen and the country was high and to celebrate the Commonwealth of Nations, the Principal, Mr Jones organised a tree planting ceremony. A tree was planted for each of the Commonwealth nations along what was then the lower boundary of the school (now behind the canteen). Still standing today are the Harpephyllum caffrum ‘Kaffir Plum’ representing South Africa and Cedrus deodara for India. Other trees which are located in the row Callistemon salignus for Australia and Jacaranda mimosafolia for South America which may have been planted at this time.

1954 – Mr Sydney Murray Jones Headmaster February 1954 till January 1956, 48 pupils. While the waiting for a new class room, the Union hall was used for classes.

1954 – The Flag Pole memorial plot was planted in 1954 to commemorate those men and women who had lost their lives during the war years. The flag pole base is still in the garden along with the Abelia grandifolia and the Camellia.

1954 – The P&C were very productive with the levelling of a playing field and construction of a concrete cricket pitch. They also purchased a duplicator, gramophone and recorder.

1955 – In 1955 the weatherboard classroom was erected as the school grew to 48 pupils.

1956 – Arcadia – Berrilee Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade fire station was built at Arcadia Park.

1956 – Mr Jack Woods was Headmaster from January 1956 till January 1957′ 53 pupils.

1956 – Miss Lutton (later Mrs Heather) arrived during 1956 as the school’s first full time assistant teacher.

1956 – Physical Education classes were introduced.

1957 – Mr Leonard Love was Headmaster from February 1957 till January 1972, 53 pupils. Mr Love stayed at Arcadia for 15 years. The school increased in size again and Mrs Tougher’s classes were held in the Methodist Hall. The ‘biro’ was accepted into the class rooms replacing the old pen and ink.

1957 – The water tank was built in 1957 which stands next to the elegant Eucalytpus globulus ‘Maidenii’ or the “Maiden’s gum” which was planted in 1943.  These two together form a wonderful picture framing our school and is often used in photography.

1960 – Many children rode their bikes to school as there was no bus service, the P&C erected a bike shed as a result. School photos were taken and available for purchase at a cost of 35cents each.