Arcadia P&C needs to raise Funds ~ Please Help

Please help Arcadia School raise funds.

PROUDLY ARCADIAN CELEBRATING 120 YEARS in 2014 ‘The Heritage Walk’ – be a part of history.

All of the funds raised in the P&C go to items that improve the schools facilities and for the betterment of our children’s education. Some of recent items included;

  1. iPads for the Classrooms
  2. Reading Recovery Program
  3. Improvements to the school grounds
  4. Archiving our school’s rich heritage
  5. Sending the choir to performances around Sydney

and much more…

Families can have multiple generations who have attended the school on a single or double paver. List your brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents and become a visual part of history at the school.
Arcadia Public School invites past and present students of the school to become a permanent part of our school’s history. If you decide to take advantage of our offer your paver will become a part of our Heritage Walk, which will provide an enduring link between the past, present and future that includes the essential partnerships that make our school what it is – students, parents, school and community.

The Heritage Walk is located in the school grounds beside our heritage staff room building for our 120 school anniversary

You are invited to participate in this unique opportunity to have your name as a permanent
part of our school. For as little as $25.00 your name will be engraved into a paver which will then be laid permanently in our Heritage Walk.

OPTION 1  – Single or double named paver COST: $25 –
OPTION 2 – Family paver set COST: $55 –

To order your paver online  – please click here to visit the Arcadia P&C Website school  or drop us a line through our Contact Form

Must order by 1st June 2014

Thank you for supporting the Arcadia Public School